It's all about the journey

This site is dedicated to sharing my journey as an educator. Pack your bags, buckle up, and prepare to be amazed!! Well, not really. Still…enjoy the ride!

The Pursuit of (Teacher) Happiness: Purposefully Creating the Joy We Seek

Summer break is winding down and I’m doing the usual stuff in preparation for the upcoming school year – scheduling lunches with teacher-friends who’ll be at different schools for the upcoming year, late summer trips to see relatives, thinking (not ready to actually work yet) about what I want to do with my new students, and buying new eyeglasses. There’s… Read more →

Living Freely & Freedom to Live

Something that routinely occurs with many teachers is the need to reflect on how our observations and experiences relate to our roles in educating children. The highly publicized murders of seven individuals over the last 4 days were tragic for many, but especially for their families and all of those who felt a connection to those gentlemen. I did not know… Read more →

No More “Well, If…”

We don’t like to hear it, and most times we shouldn’t use it. In addition to seeing fewer people believe that sharing a Facebook post will result in money, my wish/hope/prayer/desire for 2016 would be that I’d see as few statements as possible in the upcoming year that begin with, “Well, if.” Let’s face it, we don’t always like to… Read more →

Kids Need Us…Today I Needed Them

I, like many teachers, arose on this first Monday after Thanksgiving break and completed my usual routine before heading to work. I thought about lessons, I wondered if the kids were going to be a bit wired after break, I looked at my calendar to see if there were upcoming IEP meetings, etc. Although we enjoyed a WEEK away from… Read more →