Monthly Archives: October 2015

Here’s to Perfect Children and Perfect Adults!

There’s a general consensus among parents and adults that teen years are the most compliant, agreeable, joyous, non-brooding, self-deprecating and cooperative period in a young adult’s life.  Forget those giggles you may have experienced when they were toddlers, as well as the frequent “yes mom” or “yes dad” when they were between the ages of 6 and 10. As for tweens,… Read more →

It. Was. A. Phone!

The student was asked to put her phone away.  She refused, and was told to leave the classroom.  She refused to leave, and the school contacted a police officer.  It. Was. A. Phone! I’m watching a cable news show at the moment and I can’t believe they just completed a frame by frame analysis of how the situation escalated because… Read more →